Welcome to Spring Plumbing and thank you for stopping by. Whether you found us by choice or by chance, we invite you to look at our site. We could be that plumbing contractor you have wished for since you were a kid. You know the one, ultra reliable, exceptionally resourceful, remarkably responsive… able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

Spring Plumbing is a small but accomplished team with a track record of big results. We focus on the unique needs of homebuilders and remodelers, and have the experience and expertise to get things done on time and on budget. Our builders take comfort in knowing their projects are being handled by some of the best in the business.

In addition to our award-winning installations we provide prompt and person service to impress your homeowners… which is a nice reflection on you. Our reliability lets you do “what you do best.” If you need a partner who knows how to get things done with the same passion for excellence that you have, call Spring Plumbing today!

Spring Plumbing provides innovative plumbing systems for the Twin Cities finest home builders who define us as:
Trustworthy, honest, “we do what we say we’ll do”
Clever, ingenious, “skilled in improvising”
Able, ready, inclined to “call back fast”
“The society which scorns ‘excellence in plumbing‘ as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosphy, because it is an exalted activity, will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy… neither it’s pipes nor it’s theories will hold water.”

John William Gardner 1912-2002

For over 30 years, Lecy Bros. Homes & Remodeling has used Randy Hallstrom as our plumbing sales representative and now as the owner of Spring Plumbing. As Randy’s career progressed and he moved to new plumbing contractors, we moved our business along with him. Why, he gives us competitive pricing, he does what he says and if there is a problem he goes out his way to keep our customers satisfied. No finger pointing, he just gets the job done, which is not always an easy task.
We always use Spring Plumbing as our plumbing contractor. It is very rare to get competitive pricing, great work completed on schedule and someone who keeps our customers satisfied 100% of the time.

Randy has helped us build over 700 custom upper-bracket homes. You can not select a better company.

Roy Lecy

Owner, Lecy Brothers

We’ve worked with Spring Plumbing for years and they consistently provide top quality, professional service to our projects and our clients.  They have always responded in a timely manner, provided accurate budgeting and performed the work professionally.  

Their men in the field are professional and experts in their field.  Our staff prefers to work with Spring over others because they assist in making our projects run smoothly, with few issues, and complete their work on time.   I have no reservations about recommending Spring.

J. Sven Gustafson

President/CEO, Stonewood, LLC

What If I Already Have A Plumber (I’m Semi-Happy With)?

Consider Spring Plumbing for overflow on those New Homes or Projects your plumbing contractor won’t or can’t handle.  In this day and age, every job seems difficult, every customer seems challenging.  We want to make your life easier, and make your plumbing one less thing to worry about.  Call us “first violin,” “second fiddle,” call us what you like… but definitely call us!

Builders Club

Spring Plumbing is excited and proud to be a sponsor in the Twin Cities Builder’s Club.  Get a great plumbing system at a great price and earn Builder’s Club points!  Call Spring Plumbing for details.

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